Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye…


It’s no secret. I love having a proud old rooster strutting around our place.

I love his ancient code of chivalry; the way he’ll lay down his life for his hens, fighting against insurmountable odds; the way he’ll scratch up a fat earthworm and then call: “chuck-chuck-chuck-chuck-chuck” — until all of the ladies have had a chance at it. Heck, I don’t even mind his incessant crowing…

(Oh, who am I kidding? I LOVE the crowing! I haven’t had to wake up to an alarm clock in years!)

Plain and simple, I love roosters. Especially our rooster, Quiquiriquí — “Ricky,” for short.

Our little homestead just wouldn’t be the same without him. Continue reading “Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye…”

Goat Drama: Part I


Like watching a train wreck, time seemed to slow down almost to a standstill as I watched Vin’s sharp back hooves hurtling towards my face.

I saw it coming.

I was anticipating the pain.

But somehow, I managed to dodge it right at the last possible moment. It sure was a close call though, with the wind whipping past my left ear from the force of her kick.

I can’t say I blame her though. Vin should be delivering her first kid (or kids) any day now, and the poor thing just looked miserable, waddling around the pasture — nearly as wide as she was tall. And to top it all off, I’d just discovered that she was fighting a heated battle with mastitisContinue reading “Goat Drama: Part I”



I love springtime.

The sunshine, the rain, the birds, the blossoms…

Everything just seems so full of life and potential. I mean, just take a good close look at the nearest apple tree or lilac bush. Those little green buds are practically bursting at the seams. They just can’t wait to get started!

Step outside for a second and take a good deep breath. I swear that even the air itself is excited. Can’t you feel it? It makes me want to run and jump around like a crazy little bull calf!

But y’know one thing I don’t like about springtime?

WAITING! Continue reading “Waiting”

An Unexpected Visitor


I was just kinda staring at the ground, somewhat absent-mindedly kicking pebbles and dodging piles of cat poo — (which are cropping up all over the place, now that the snow is melting) — as I meandered on over to the dog kennel the other morning.

It was turning out to be a gorgeous spring day. But, if truth be told, I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings; I was mostly thinking about the delicious stack of buttery pancakes I’d just pounded for breakfast…

That being said, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a full-grown Canada goose standing right between me and the chicken coop, wings flaired, every feather ruffled, hissing as menacingly as the devil himself.

Stopped me dead in my tracks! Continue reading “An Unexpected Visitor”