Eating Garbage

I carefully lifted the lid off our big stainless steel stock pot, and a delicious-smelling cloud of white, billowing steam rose gently heavenward. The entire kitchen was immediately filled with the mouthwatering aroma of cooked pork. As a matter of fact, I’m actually getting kinda hungry right now, just thinking about it.

The view inside the pot, however, was markedly different…


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Why I Always Carry A Knife


It should have been a nice, quiet, relaxing walk — just a fun little afternoon stroll with the family, y’know? It certainly started out that way… Sure, the sky was a little overcast, and the road was a little muddy, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. At any rate, Lindsey and I certainly weren’t expecting to have any adventures. And I definitely didn’t expect to be needing my knife!

But alas, only 5 minutes into our walk, there I stood, gripping my knife with white knuckles, my breathing heavy, my heart hammering in my chest.

And less than 2 feet in front of me stood a raging 4-point buck! Continue reading “Why I Always Carry A Knife”

Makin’ Bacon!


The sky was a sad, dull gray. Its overcast frown seemed to sap the life and energy and color out of everything it touched. The world around me was solemn and subdued. “Melancholy” would be a good word for it. A cold, wet wind was blowing steadily from the South, moaning a slow, mournful tune. Raindrops were pelting loudly against the corrugated tin of our pig pen.

All things considered, it was a pretty miserable day to be outside.

But there I was, standing dejectedly in the rain, and wishing deeply that I wasn’t.

I always get that way on butchering day though. As much as I enjoy cutting meat (and all the delicious meals that follow), I always hate the first part; the part when you actually have to put the animal(s) down — and our pigs were no different. Continue reading “Makin’ Bacon!”

A Christmas Miracle


Call me crazy, but I just love walking outside on quiet winter evenings.

When it’s crisp and dark outside, and the stars are twinkling with an icy blue fire; when it’s so cold your lungs burn and your nose-hairs freeze and your eyes start to sting; I just can’t seem to help myself, I just HAVE to be out in it!

Several times a week, usually after the girls are in bed, you can find me all bundled up in my rabbit fur hat and Korean War-era army coat (inherited from my grandpa), crunching happily through the unplowed snow, my face frozen and my breath rising in steady puffs of smoke. And more often than not, Ryu is also somewhere nearby, accompanying me for a leisurely jaunt to the pond and back.

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An Help Meet – Gratitude Rant #19


And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him…

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
(see Genesis 2:18-24)

I am so grateful for Lindsey!

She just scooted off to bed a couple minutes ago, leaving me alone, once again, in the quiet, peaceful living room to finish typing today’s rant.

But I guess that’s kinda been the routine the entire month though. She’s taken on a lot more dishes lately (we usually try to rotate about every other night) and she’s had a lot of lonely nights, to give me a chance to write these daily expressions of gratitude.

Not that she’s ever complained, mind you. She just quietly does whatever it takes to support me and buy me the time I need to write.

I can’t help but admire her sacrifice.

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