Quiet – Gratitude Rant #21


I sat at the transit center this evening, waiting for the bus to come take me home. The air was crisp and cold, and the metal bench I was sitting on was really starting to freeze my backside. But while I waited, I reflected on the past month.

Using the bus station’s shoddy wifi network, I slowly, haltingly, painfully scrolled through the past 20 Gratitude Rants:

Cattails and Gunsmoke
Smooshed Donuts and Stale Cereal
Knife Time
Movie Nights
Of Herbs and Fried Rabbit
Baggy Wool Shirts
Cold Showers
Big Hill
A Thrift Store Huffy
My Pillow
Bath Night
Pooh Bear
An Help Meet
Second Chances

And while I was reviewing the long list of undeserved blessings, I started racking my brain, trying to think of one last rant to end on.

Maybe something that could sum up the whole month.

Try as I might, though, nothing came to me. As I sat there freezing my cheeks off on the cold park bench, I shifted around and decided to take a break from staring at my laptop. Instead, I glanced up, as I quite often do, at the mountains that frame our pretty little valley. And I was struck by just how pretty they were.

My eyes were particularly drawn to the snowy blue North-facing slopes, and the way they contrasted perfectly with the warm orange glow of the failing sunlight.

Above me, a rambunctious pack of sparrows flew twittering through the sky.

It was just such a quiet, peaceful moment.

Sure, I was still sitting right in the middle of the bustling transit center. Folks were coming and going, talking and chatting. Cars were rushing by. Buses were rumbling. It even appeared that someone had left the bus station’s P.A. system on, because there was a loud static buzzing sound coming from the speakers. In some ways, the commotion of it all was downright deafening.

But despite all that, I felt a deep quiet as I watched the mountains and the tweety birds.

And that was the moment I recognized what my final gratitude topic should be:


I’m so grateful for quiet!

Even with all of the noise and clamor of everyday life, I’m grateful for those little moments each day when I can just be still and enjoy the quiet in my soul. Morning and nightly prayer. Scripture study. Choretime. Even these daily Gratitude Rants… They all give me a chance to breathe in the quiet.

And really, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I’m just a quiet and simple person. I live a quiet and simple life.

Just take a look at my past Gratitude Rants, and you’ll quickly see that I cherish the little, everyday things. The quiet things. The boring things.

Heck, you might even say I put the “blah” in blogging.

But it’s those little things that bring happiness and satisfaction into my life.

So with the actual Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, I’d challenge you to take a quiet moment and reflect on what YOU’RE grateful for.

As for me, I’m grateful for quiet.



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