Bath Night – Gratitude Rant #17


Y’know, it’s kinda funny how these Gratitude Rants just sort of happen each day.

It’s like they take on a life of their own.

There are times, like today, when I’ll notice a particular blessing in the morning. Usually something that really touches me. And I’ll go through the whole day, totally psyched to write a rant about it later — and then somehow, about 5 minutes before I sit down to actually type it out, something else comes swooping in and totally steals the thunder from the original topic.

That seems to happen at least a handful of times throughout the month, and it just barely happened again tonight.

Y’see, I was super excited to rant about misery

Now, I know that might sound just a tad dramatic. And, really, I guess it is. But it snowed last night — which made this morning’s pheasant hunt totally miserable.

Miserable in the best possible way, of course.


I was so excited to talk about how uncomfortable it is, pushing through the frozen, tangled willow jungles that dominate the river bottoms where we hunt.

I wanted so bad to share with you the utter misery of walking mile after mile in cold, wet and squishy boots, with numb and sluggish hands, and a heavy, sodden hunting vest.

I was even looking forward to describing how much it stings, getting whipped in the face by the snow-laden willow branches.

‘Cuz believe you me, it was all still very fresh on my mind!


Heck, I’d spent a good portion of the afternoon planning how I was going to turn that rant about misery into something uplifting.

I was going to tell y’all about how, first of all, it was an adventure.

And a BEAUTIFUL adventure, at that!

And then I was going to philosophize on how our miserable experiences make us stronger and help us better appreciate the good.

I even had a scripture picked out; one that talked about how Adam and Eve, before they partook of the forbidden fruit, were “in a state of innocence, having no joy, for they knew no misery.” (See 2 Nephi 2:23)

Like I said, I had it all planned out. I had the photos ready and everything.

It was practically a done deal.

And then, we gave our girls their Saturday Night Baths

The laughter and the giggles and the splashing that emanated from our hallway bathroom this evening just pushed all thoughts of “misery” away.

Far, far away.

After our girls had both been dried off and lotioned and decked out in their cute little footie jammies, we gathered together for our nightly family scripture study. I had my little “Mudge-Pudge” snuggled quietly on my lap, and I leaned forward and smelled her freshly washed hair — and I knew right then and there that THAT’S what I’m most grateful for today:

Bath Night!



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