Fridays – Gratitude Rant #9


I was just starting to doze as we rounded the final corner.

Despite my best efforts to stay awake, the dull rumbling of the bus’s engine had finally lulled me into a much-needed nap.

The sudden lurch forward, however, followed closely by the sharp hissing of the bus’s air brakes, informed me that it was time to open my eyes.

We had reached my bus stop.

I bent down and scooped up my backpack from underneath my seat. I squeezed into the isle, trying to avoid jostling any of the other passengers, and made my way down the steps and out the door.

The moment I stepped off that dark, noisy bus, though, and into the cold open air, I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

It was Friday!

I was free!

As I walked across the empty parking lot and approached our old Buick, the fiery sunset dang near stole my breath away.

It’s funny how just seconds earlier, I had been “this close” to sawing logs, but now my mind was racing.

With the weekend at my feet, there was so much to look forward to: happy, squealing little girls, tamales for dinner, a quiet evening with my sweetheart, pheasant hunting in the morning, church on Sunday…

I tell ya, that moment — the one when you first realize that you’re free — THAT is a wonderful feeling.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


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