Seeds – Gratitude Rant #7


We planted some seeds tonight.

I know it’s Fall, and I just barely finished getting the garden all tilled up and tucked in and ready for Winter, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

With my 3 year old standing beside me on a stool, and my 1 year old propped on my hip, we carefully washed off several tiny brown apple seeds (saved from some of our cider apples) and wrapped them in a damp paper towel. Then we zipped the moist little bundle into a sandwich baggy and stuck it in the fridge, where it’ll stay for the next couple months or so.

When they begin to sprout — if they begin to sprout — we’ll extract them from the paper towel and transplant them into some potting soil.

Will they grow into productive apple trees some day?

I hope so.

Honestly though, it doesn’t really matter that much to me.

As the years go by, I’m finding more and more that seeds have immense value, in and of themselves. And I end up planting them just because they make me happy.

Of course I hope they’ll bear fruit someday. I probably wouldn’t spend so much time fussing with my yogurt cups and homemade grow-lights every February if I didn’t expect to harvest the plump, juicy tomatoes somewhere down the road. But it’s not all about the harvest.

I plant seeds because they invigorate me.

Seeds are so full of potential. So full of life. So full of magic.

I mean, think about it — in that dormant little package sits the power of life itself!

All you need is a little water, the right temperatures, and BAM! Out pops the beginnings of a new tree. Or bush. Or vine. Or whatever.

If all goes well, just imagine how many quarts of applesauce or gallons of cider could potentially come from just one of tonight’s tiny little seeds.

But at the very least, I get to share in the miracle of life and growth, witnessing with awe as the tender little sprout slowly works its way out of its shell and begins its mission to become a high and mighty apple tree.

I get to be a part of that!

Just thinking about it excites me and fills my soul with wonder.

And y’know, some days I NEED a little wonder in my life.

Don’t you?

Today, I’m grateful for seeds.


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