Quiet – Gratitude Rant #21


I sat at the transit center this evening, waiting for the bus to come take me home. The air was crisp and cold, and the metal bench I was sitting on was really starting to freeze my backside. But while I waited, I reflected on the past month. Continue reading “Quiet – Gratitude Rant #21”


Second Chances – Gratitude Rant #20


I stood motionless in the hallway just outside my daughter’s bedroom, with my ear pressed against her door.

I listened intently, but all was silent inside.

I let out a long, heavy sigh and was about to turn and walk back to the kitchen, when a burst of quiet, suppressed sobs came quavering from inside the bedroom.

Good. She was still awake. Continue reading “Second Chances – Gratitude Rant #20”

An Help Meet – Gratitude Rant #19


And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him…

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
(see Genesis 2:18-24)

I am so grateful for Lindsey!

She just scooted off to bed a couple minutes ago, leaving me alone, once again, in the quiet, peaceful living room to finish typing today’s rant.

But I guess that’s kinda been the routine the entire month though. She’s taken on a lot more dishes lately (we usually try to rotate about every other night) and she’s had a lot of lonely nights, to give me a chance to write these daily expressions of gratitude.

Not that she’s ever complained, mind you. She just quietly does whatever it takes to support me and buy me the time I need to write.

I can’t help but admire her sacrifice.

Especially tonight. Continue reading “An Help Meet – Gratitude Rant #19”

Pooh Bear – Gratitude Rant #18


“Christopher Robin was going away. Nobody knew why he was going; Nobody knew where he was going; indeed, nobody even knew why he knew that Christopher Robin was going away. But somehow or other everybody in the Forest felt that it was happening at last…”

I read those words to my little girl this evening, as she lay cuddled on my lap, wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket.

It was such a peaceful, yet poignant moment. Especially for a sentimental Dad.

Y’see, for the last several weeks, we’ve been reading through the original Winnie The Pooh books — the ones written by A.A. Milne clear back in the 1920s. And each night, after she’s finished cleaning up her toys, changing into her jammies, and brushing her teeth, my little girl and I have a standing “date” in the ugly orange recliner.

She brings me the blanket, and I get the book down off the shelf, and together we enjoy a 20 or 30 minute retreat into the Hundred Acre Wood. Continue reading “Pooh Bear – Gratitude Rant #18”

Bath Night – Gratitude Rant #17


Y’know, it’s kinda funny how these Gratitude Rants just sort of happen each day.

It’s like they take on a life of their own.

There are times, like today, when I’ll notice a particular blessing in the morning. Usually something that really touches me. And I’ll go through the whole day, totally psyched to write a rant about it later — and then somehow, about 5 minutes before I sit down to actually type it out, something else comes swooping in and totally steals the thunder from the original topic.

That seems to happen at least a handful of times throughout the month, and it just barely happened again tonight.

Y’see, I was super excited to rant about miseryContinue reading “Bath Night – Gratitude Rant #17”

My Pillow – Gratitude Rant #16


I love my pillow.

It’s just the right size. It’s just the right shape. Not too hard. Not too soft. And with its flannel, pheasant-pattern pillowcase, you couldn’t ask for anything more manly.

At the end of a long, stressful day, my pillow is always there, always waiting. It calls to me, inviting me to drop my load — at least for a few hours — and rest.

And y’know, that’s exactly where I’m headed.

Is this post a cop-out?

I hope not.

Because from the very bottom of my heart, today (and every day), I am GRATEFUL for my pillow!

Good Night, y’all…

A Thrift Store Huffy – Gratitude Rant #15


It’s gonna work this time, I just know it…

With my eyes completely riveted to my computer monitor, I leaned forward, crossed my fingers with on one hand, and hit Ctrl + Enter with the other.

A split-second later, this flashed up my screen:

[42703] ERROR: column "d_table.column" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function
[2018-11-15 16:27:15] Position: 285

GAH! Piece o’ junk!

Shaking my head, I slouched back down in my seat, and glared at my computer.

Well maybe if it tried this

I quickly tried “this”, fingers clickety-clacking on the keyboard just as fast as I could manage. And then, once again, I held my breath and hit Ctrl + Enter.

My screen flashed for a moment — and then:

[08001] ERROR: Invalid Parameters
[2018-11-15 16:29:37] Where: PL/pgSQL function my_stored_procedure(timestamp without time zone,timestamp without time zone,integer) line 6 at RAISE

I slumped backwards, burying my face in my hands.

Sometimes I really hate PostgreSQL! Continue reading “A Thrift Store Huffy – Gratitude Rant #15”