Digging Taters


Gosh! I love this time of year!

The leaves are changing color. The shadows are lengthening. The weather is crisp and cold. And there’s just a special kind of excitement in the air.

Can you feel it?!

Everything seems to be bursting with energy and urgency as we step closer and closer to winter.

We’ve definitely been feeling that excitement and urgency here at the One Acre Lott — not to mention an overwhelming drive to get stuff harvested and “put up” before the ground freezes.

As a matter of fact, a week or so ago, we had 3 evenings in a row where, as soon as dinner was finished, Lindsey and I would bundle the girls, grab our shovels, and then head out as a family to dig potatoes — leaving the dishes to be washed later that night (sometimes much later that night, unfortunately).

But, man! Those were fun evenings! Continue reading “Digging Taters”