Bacon Seeds


I held my breath. My eyes were clear and focused. My whole body was tense as a bowstring, ready to spring at a moment’s notice. On my right, Lindsey was sneaking along the pasture fence-line, stealthy as a lioness hunting her prey. Right in front of me, stood our quarry:

An 8 week old piglet escapee.

The little weaner was shivering and panting as it looked frantically for a way out. It only hesitated for a moment though — and then, without any warning, it suddenly perked up its ears and bolted.

Lindsey and I both leaped into action at the same time, but too late: the squealing little weaner pig dodged past Lindsey and then ran right between my legs!

I pivoted and dove towards it, and landed with a cloud of dust, but my fingers only brushed the end of the porker’s bristly tail as it sped on by.

It shot like a bullet through a gap in the fence and right into the goat pen…


We’d only had pigs for about a half an hour, and already things were NOT going smoothly. Continue reading “Bacon Seeds”