New Life


My necktie was whipping and flapping behind me and my hair was blowing in the wind as I bombed down the dirt road on my mountain bike last Sunday. My waistcoat was completely unbuttoned and waving in the breeze. My slacks were tucked into my socks (to keep my pants from getting caught in the bike chain). I must’ve made a funny sight, pedaling like the dickens to get home.

Y’see, a half an hour earlier, I’d been sitting in a church administration meeting (which, coincidentally, was also my last meeting for the day), when I got a text from Lindsey:

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 8.09.14 AM

And if that doesn’t make it hard to concentrate, I don’t know what will. I mean, we’ve been waiting at least 5 months for that little kid to arrive — and now it was here!

I dutifully sat there in my hard-backed folding-metal chair, taking notes on the meeting and trying my darnedest to be a good and faithful secretary — but MAN! was I excited!

By the time I got home and rolled my old 21-speed into the driveway, little “Sunbonnet” (named by our 3-year-old) was already cleaned off and nursing on her mama.


I walked across the pasture and quietly approached the little ramshackle goat shed — and as I crouched down in the straw (still dressed in my church clothes) to inspect the wobbly little doeling, I couldn’t help but feel a powerful sense of peace and quiet and reverence.

Mama and baby were both exhausted and shakey, but the love and the bond between them was already so special and real, you could almost feel it in the air.

I suddenly felt somewhat out-of-place, like I was interrupting something. Almost like I had stumbled uninvited (but not unwelcomed) upon holy ground.

Not wanting to ruin the moment, I turned to leave — and as I did, I gently petted Syl behind the ears and said:

“Well done, little Mama… That’s a beautiful little girl you’ve got there.”

And it might sound kinda silly, but that new mama goat turned her head and gave me a look that was absolutely beaming with pride. I mean, she just glowed! I swear she even smiled at my compliment.


As I made my way back to the house, I was reminded of another time, nearly a year ago, when I’d felt that same spirit of love and peace. Sitting by the side of Lindsey’s hospital bed when they handed her OUR little baby.

I tell ya, there’s just something sacred about new life.

Sometimes I think babies are God’s way of showing us just how good Heaven will be.

And with all the new life springing up all over the place — whether it’s the little seedlings in the garden, the chicks in the brooder, or waggly-tailed goat kids — it’s hard to be anything but excited this time of year!




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