Woodsmoke – Gratitude Rant #8


It sure is gettin’ colder!

The beautiful autumn leaves are getting sparser and sparser, our animals’ water is frozen nearly every morning, and if I was a betting man, I’d say that the snow capping our eastern mountains is probably here to stay (at least until next June).

Yep. Love it or hate it, Winter is just around the corner. Continue reading “Woodsmoke – Gratitude Rant #8”


“I Don’t Care” Moments – Gratitude Rant #6


Another day of work was finished and I found myself (once again) slogging through the rain and the sleet, on my way to the bus station.

My hands were jammed in my pockets, my face was shrouded in the hood of my jacket, and my mind was whirling with ideas and stresses regarding the latest project at work. I have to admit, I really wasn’t too excited about the wet and soggy weather, either… Continue reading ““I Don’t Care” Moments – Gratitude Rant #6″

Writer’s Block – Gratitude Rant #4


So… Can I level with you?

Writing a cohesive “Gratitude Rant” every single day can sometimes be a bit, um, challenging. There are some evenings (quite a few, actually) when I’ll just sit and stare at my computer monitor for quite awhile, trying to think of something to write about.

Interestingly, my “November-induced Writer’s Block” isn’t usually caused by a lack of blessings or gratitude — but rather, an overabundance! Continue reading “Writer’s Block – Gratitude Rant #4”