Sleeping Babies – Gratitude Rant #21


I think the photo really says it all, but let me paint the picture for you anyway:

First of all, I need to start by telling you that I really hate reading the news…

There’s so much sleaze and filth and meanness out there. Just reading through the headlines is usually enough to put knots in my stomach and shake my faith in humanity.

Tonight, though, as I watched our little sleeping baby in her fuzzy pink jammies, I was reminded that there is still goodness in the world.

Goodness in the extreme.

There is still peace. There is still innocence. There is still purity. And most of all, there is still love.

Watching that sweet little snoozing “mudge-pudge” just filled my whole soul with love. As I listened to her little snores and watched her little chubby fingers twitching in her sleep, it almost felt like my heart would burst I love her so much.

Gosh! That love was so powerful it put a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes!

And as I watched her, the thought came to me: Everybody was like this once. Everybody you meet, and I do mean EVERYBODY, was once a peaceful, pure, sleeping baby.

Just like my little mudge-pudge.

I don’t know about you, but thinking about it that way kinda changes the way I look at my fellow man…

I’m so grateful to be a father — and especially thankful for sleeping babies.

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Cuz honestly, who doesn’t like to be thankful?!

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