Books – Gratitude Rant #15


Gosh, I love books!

When I stepped out onto our frosty front porch early this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a package waiting for us on the welcome mat.

The package had probably been sitting there for at least a day or two (‘cuz we don’t use our front door all that often) — but I knew immediately what was inside. It must be that new book that Lindsey and I had ordered a week or two ago; Book III in that series we like so much; the book we’ve been waiting on for almost 2 years!

We don’t watch much TV around here. In fact, I think it’s been nearly a month since we last turned ours on. But books… well, they’re an integral part of our daily lives — especially for our toddler.

(I honestly don’t know how many times a day we read through the whole gamut of Dr. Seuss books, but I’m pretty sure I could quote The Cat In The Hat, verbatim).

Unfortunately, there was no time for me to actually read this particular book. Heck, I STILL haven’t had a chance to start it (and the day is almost over). But I couldn’t help picking it up for a minute and running my fingers up and down the sturdy spine. I even held the book under my nose and fanned through the pages, breathing in the heavenly aroma of “new book,” and listening to the little creaks and crackles of brand-new, never-been-opened pages…

That’s something you just can’t get from a kindle, or a tablet, or a smartphone.

As convenient as those electronic options are, you just can’t replace the heft of a real-live book.

And really, who doesn’t enjoy sitting down to read a good story?

Who hasn’t found themselves staying up way past their bedtime, frantically thumbing through the pages, because you just can’t leave the hero in a lurch?

Don’t tell me you haven’t felt the sadness and regret that comes when you finally close the last book in a series — one you’ve invested countless hours into. (Because deep down, you know Hogwarts won’t be nearly as magical the second time around…)

And let’s face it, EVERYONE cried at the end of Where The Red Fern Grows. EVERYONE has suffered some sort of trauma at the hands of a paperback. And EVERYONE has been touched by books, at least to some degree.

Believe me, I could go on and on about how books enrich our lives and transport us to places we’ve never been before — but I really don’t want to turn this into an episode of “Reading Rainbow.”

I just want to express my gratitude for books. There’s definitely something special about ’em, and I’m very grateful!

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