Piano – Gratitude Rant #9


Tonight, after the dinner mess was put away and the dishes were washed, we all sat down in the living room as a family so that Lindsey could practice the piano.

Y’see, she was just recently called to serve as the pianist in church, so she’s been practicing every chance she gets — which, honestly, isn’t nearly as often as she’d like, thanks to a busy lifestyle (and an even busier toddler), but whatcha gonna do?

You just gotta take advantage of the moments when they come — hence the family piano night.

Can I paint the picture for you real quick?

First imagine Lindsey sitting at the piano. Her posture is straight and refined; her eyes focused on the hymnbook; Heavenly music wafting about…

(But mind you, this is a picture of real life, with all its gritty details — lest anybody starts thinking we live in some fluffy, perfect paradise!)

So, plop me in the picture. I’m slouching on the ugly orange recliner, a couple of chili stains from dinner adorning my shirt.

On my lap sits our little monkey, belting out a lively rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” (which, in case you were wondering, doesn’t exactly harmonize with Lindsey’s: “Israel, Israel, God Is Calling“). And then top it all off with our little mudge-pudge, drooling on my arm, pulling handfuls of her big sister’s curly hair — and wailing at the top of her lungs!

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Piano nights at the Lott house might not be perfect, but if you ask me, they’re about as close to Heaven as you’re gonna get!

I’m very grateful for our piano!

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Cuz honestly, who doesn’t like to be thankful?!



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