Woodsmoke – Gratitude Rant #8


It sure is gettin’ colder!

The beautiful autumn leaves are getting sparser and sparser, our animals’ water is frozen nearly every morning, and if I was a betting man, I’d say that the snow capping our eastern mountains is probably here to stay (at least until next June).

Yep. Love it or hate it, Winter is just around the corner.

Personally, I absolutely adore wintertime!

Sure, it’s dark and cold and wet. There’s no more garden-fresh produce. Egg production plummets. Chores get harder. Driving is no fun (unless you’re purposely spinning donuts in a parking lot). And here in our little mountain valley, the air quality really takes a beating.

But I still love wintertime.

It’s just what my soul needs. The prepping and planting and promise of Spring bleed into the weeding, watering, and worrying of Summer — which only gains more speed as it plows head first into the full-blown Fall harvest. And quite frankly, by the time all the canning and hunting seasons are over, I’m completely exhausted.

Winter gives me a chance to wind down, catch my breath, and dream — and nothing personifies the Winter Reverie quite like an evening by the fire!

And that’s exactly what we did tonight; spent the whole night sitting in front of our wood-burning stove.


I can’t even describe how much I enjoy the warm, radiant heat, or the soft popping and crackling, or the flickering of the orange flames… But it’s the faint smell of the woodsmoke that really ties it all together.

Tonight I’m grateful for wintertime and woodsmoke!

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