Fast Food – Gratitude Rant #7


Tuesday nights tend to be incredibly rushed around here at the Lott household. It’s almost like there’s a timer that starts ticking down, the moment I step off the bus.

Somehow I’ve got to drive home; unload my work stuff; help my little monkey don her hat, her coat, and her mud boots; take care of the evening chores with my little “helper”; clean myself up and change into my “Sunday Best”; and then fly out the door to make it to my church meetings on time.

All within a half an hour.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not trying to complain. I’m just sayin’ there isn’t a whole lot of time for lolly-gagging, and even less time for dinner.

Tonight, however, Lindsey met me at the door — and, in a very no-nonsense sort of way, marched me across the kitchen and forcibly sat me down at the dinner table (where our little monkey was already seated, with a bib on and everything).

The table was set. My milk was poured. And on my plate sat a piece of cheese-toast and a steaming-hot acorn squash (stuffed with meatloaf from our very own steer, I might add!)

After a quick and almost unintelligible prayer (offered by our two-year-old), we dug in. And although dinner with the family was still a little rushed, at least I HAD dinner with the family!

Seriously, it totally made my day. I’m so grateful for Lindsey-style fast food.

It’ll beat out a Big Mac any day!

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Cuz honestly, who doesn’t like to be thankful?!



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