“I Don’t Care” Moments – Gratitude Rant #6


Another day of work was finished and I found myself (once again) slogging through the rain and the sleet, on my way to the bus station.

My hands were jammed in my pockets, my face was shrouded in the hood of my jacket, and my mind was whirling with ideas and stresses regarding the latest project at work. I have to admit, I really wasn’t too excited about the wet and soggy weather, either…

But then I looked up and noticed a school kid walking down the sidewalk towards me. He was probably 13 or 14 years old, very trendily dressed, and his backpack was nearly as big as he was — but despite all that, he had his head thrown back and his tongue sticking out, catching snowflakes in his mouth.

When he noticed me, however, he quickly closed his mouth, stiffened up, and didn’t seem to acknowledge me at all when we passed. Obviously embarrassed.

As I continued on down the sidewalk, I kept thinking about that little exchange, and I started to feel kinda bad for the kid.

I mean, here he was having a grand old time enjoying this beautiful Fall season for what it is; taking full advantage of the blessings that were raining (or should I say sleeting?) down from heaven — and then I come bumbling along and embarrass the poor kid…

The more I thought about it, the more I was determined that if he wasn’t gonna enjoy the snowflakes, I WOULD.

For the next block or so, I walked along with my mouth open wide and my face towards the sky, catching the occasional raindrop or sleetflake on my tongue. Cars were passing me left and right. And I’m sure at least a few people were gawking (and probably judging), but y’know what? I didn’t care.

Not one bit.

I was having one of those joyful, defiant moments where I was determined to enjoy myself, regardless of what the world thought.

I tell ya, it was so refreshing!

And y’know what else? So were the snowflakes.

Today I’m grateful for those “I Don’t Care,” “Dance Like No One’s Watching” moments.

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