New Socks – Gratitude Rant #2


I’m a simple person. I get a huge kick out of simple things.

This morning when I discovered a shiny package of brand-new socks sitting on the shelf in our closet, I felt just like a kid at Christmas!

Y’see, for the past month or so, my sock supply has really been dwindling. I don’t know what my problem is, but I tend to burn through socks like Sherman through Georgia (always wearing holes in the heels) — and the 3 remaining pairs of threadbare rags I’ve been rotating through just don’t have much life left in ’em.

I’ve been meaning to buy socks for awhile now, but, like I’ve said before, I absolutely HATE shopping.

Fortunately, my angel wife (who hates shopping just as much as I do) was kind enough to brave Sam’s Club while I was at work yesterday — and she bought me some socks while she was at it.

Thanks to her, I’ve been walking on clouds all day.

Seriously, there’s nothing quite like wearing a pair of brand-new socks!

Sure, it’s a simple thing, but it made my day.

Very grateful, indeed.

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Cuz honestly, who doesn’t like to be thankful?!

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