Reflections On Rump


My heart was racing as I stared down the barrel of my brother’s Winchester 30-30. If the circumstances had been different, I probably would have really enjoyed shooting that old cowboy rifle, with its handsome wood stock and well-worn lever action, but as I pulled the hammer back and tightened my grip on the handle, all I could feel was regret.

In front of me stood Rump, our 19-month-old Holstein steer, munching excitedly on a pile of corn I’d laid out for him.

As far as he was concerned, this was quite the treat. A whole pile of corn all to himself. And he didn’t even have to push the goats out of the way to get to it! A very special treat, indeed — and he wasn’t about to squander it.

He didn’t even bother to glance up from his eating as I walked up to him.

That made my task a bit easier. Continue reading “Reflections On Rump”