Harvest Time



I don’t get to enjoy ’em as often as I’d like (mostly because I’m always too busy scrambling out the door each morning, trying to make it to the bus on time). But on this particular morning, I made time to watch the sun come up.


With a heavy 5-gallon bucket cradled in one elbow, and both hands precariously full of corn, I stopped my picking and just stood there in the garden, savoring the clean summer air and listening to the tall green cornstalks as they quietly whispered back and forth to each other.

Occasionally, their soft conversation was interrupted by the bleating of a goat or buh-gawk! of a fat old hen. But even with the barnyard interjections, that sunrise was so peaceful and invigorating, it left me feeling like a million bucks like I’d just gotten a full night’s sleep!

Once the sun had risen, however, the temperatures started rising too — and so did my pile of sweet corn…


Row after row, I walked up and down the old corn patch, twisting off the beautiful ears and setting ’em gently in my bucket.

When my bucket was full, I’d dump it in the wheelbarrow.

When the wheelbarrow was full, I’d dump it on the back patio.

My forehead was just starting to glisten in the heat of another hot summer day when I twisted off the last ear and made my way back to the pile. All told, I ended up picking roughly 300 ears of delicious sweet corn — which (with a lot of help from Lindsey’s parents) we then husked, blanched, cut, bagged, and froze.


It was a hot, sweaty (and sticky) process. But when we finally put that last bag of golden kernels into the freezer (and finished with the dishes and mopping) nearly 8 hours later, it was so worth it!

I always enjoy putting up a bountiful harvest. And I absolutely love this time of year!

The sunshine seems fresher, the colors seem brighter, and pretty much EVERYTHING seems to be getting ripe all at once.

(And with all of the food preservation projects going on ’round here, there just doesn’t seem to be any time to sit down and catch your breath!)

In addition to the corn, we’ve got:

Raisins drying on the back porch
Spaghetti sauce splattering all over the stove
Buckets and buckets of peppers waiting to be dried and/or frozen
Cucumbers to pickle
And a couple of old laying hens to retire…

And that doesn’t even take into account all of the fresh produce we’re munching through each and every day!

Sure, we’ve had a few setbacks in the garden, but overall, we’ve been richly blessed this year.

It keeps us hoppin’ — but as long as I get to enjoy a sunrise every now and then, I certainly won’t complain!


Ya gotta love harvest time!


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