For The Wicked…


Y’know, I generally try to stay pretty positive on this blog; look for the silver linings and all that jazz. But can I just tell you that life was pretty miserable the other morning?!

Sure, I was sitting on the soft carpet, bundled in a fuzzy blanket and some thick wool socks, and I was soaking in the warm September sunshine as it streamed through our sliding glass door. And just outside, Mother Nature was showing off the beginnings of an absolutely gorgeous autumn day. But, thanks to a nasty flu bug, I was stuck indoors, shivering and moaning like the poster-child for some Nyquil commercial. Continue reading “For The Wicked…”


Tomato Days


Imagine with me, if you will, sinking your teeth into a big ol’ fat tomato sandwich.

Not just any tomato sandwich though.

Imagine thick slices of fresh homemade bread… Smokey bacon… The perfect spread of mayo (or Miracle Whip — or whatever dressing you prefer)… Maybe even a few slices of garden-fresh cucumber or crisp lettuce… Heck, I even like a little bit of homemade sauerkraut on mine…

But crowning it all, like the proverbial cherry on top, you have the greatest of garden gems; the pinnacle of personal produce; the highest honor of home horticulture; Perfectly red; Perfectly ripe; Practically perfect in every way:

The Tomato. Continue reading “Tomato Days”