Wethering Skunk


Everything was peaceful and quiet the other day, as I reached into the nest box to pick up a beautiful olive-green egg. But the peace was shattered by the frantic sound of my little 2-year-old, shouting:

“What the goats doing, Dad?!”

I had no idea what was going on, but I could sense the worry in her voice, so I immediately dropped what I was doing (luckily, I didn’t drop the eggs) and looked in the direction of the goat pasture.

It wasn’t anything too serious, fortunately. But it was embarrassing. I’m sure I was probably blushing a bit when I explained to the little monkey:

“Ummm… well… they’re… uh… giving each other piggyback rides, and… yeah… piggyback rides.”

Thankfully, she just accepted my answer, and soon her little mind fluttered on to another topic. But THAT’S why we decided to wether (a.k.a. castrate) our poor little Skunk. Yes, he’s already been through a lot in his 5 weeks of life, but we don’t need any inter-sibling hanky-panky goin’ on around here! We’ve got enough drama as it is!

Fast forward 2 or 3 days, and there we were: me, Lindsey, our little monkey, and of course, Skunk — gathered just outside the goat pasture. I had my pocketknife (freshly sharpened), a clean rag, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and an arm’s-length of baling twine. Everything we’d need to perform the surgery.


Skunk was all smiles and tail-wags as I gently picked him up and looped the twine around his back leg — but I do think he started to get just a little suspicious when Lindsey pinned him down and I proceeded to hog-tie the rest of his legs together…

The moment I pulled out the knife, however, all heck broke loose!

If it hadn’t been for last week’s drama with Edelweiss, I wouldn’t have believed a little baby goat could make that much noise!

The surgery itself was actually very smooth though. Just a flick of the knife, two quick cuts, and then a gentle wipe-down with hydrogen peroxide. Very quick procedure. Very little bleeding. The bleating, however… Well, let’s just say it was pretty shrill.

I can only imagine what the neighbors must’ve been thinking.

It sure left an impression on our little girl. When we called my mom the next day (for our weekly Sunday Evening Chat), the first thing that little monkey blurted out was:

“Grandma, we ‘pastrated’ Skunk yesterday! He say: MEH-EH-EH-EH!”

Yep, every day’s an adventure around here…

(P.S. — If you wanna read about more of our “pastrating” adventures, you might like to check out this post from last year, when we “steer-a-lyzed” Rump… Good times, indeed.)

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