I love springtime.

The sunshine, the rain, the birds, the blossoms…

Everything just seems so full of life and potential. I mean, just take a good close look at the nearest apple tree or lilac bush. Those little green buds are practically bursting at the seams. They just can’t wait to get started!

Step outside for a second and take a good deep breath. I swear that even the air itself is excited. Can’t you feel it? It makes me want to run and jump around like a crazy little bull calf!

But y’know one thing I don’t like about springtime?


Everywhere you look, there’s potential — but you have to be patient and wait for it to happen on its own time.

Whether it’s our goat, Vin, with her first pregnancy, or those eggs in my homemade incubator, or even the pea seeds in the garden. All I can do is wait. And hope. And pray. And WORRY.

It’s kinda funny, how in the midst of all the beauty and excitement and promise of springtime, I find myself fighting away discouragement and doubt. Is Vin’s udder developing properly? It seems kinda hard and lop-sided… Is the makeshift thermostat in my incubator calibrated properly? Are ANY of the eggs gonna hatch? Did I over-water the peas? Are the temperatures too cold? Are all my seeds gonna rot in the ground?

Seriously, I nearly drive myself crazy worrying about it all!

Fortunately, I’ve dealt with it long enough that I’ve discovered an antidote to all the springtime stress…

I just need to take a timeout and enjoy nature for what it is.

Whether it’s a quiet sunset.
Or a “Daddy-Daughter Date” at the pond.
Or sitting in the goats’ shed, watching the girls munch on some fresh green grass.

I tell ya, just taking some time (even if it’s only a quick 2-minute break) to drink in the beauty and serenity of springtime… THAT’S what my heart really needs!

The stress and doubt seems to dissipate. The world brightens back up. All I’ve gotta do now is wait.


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