The Ideal


Okay. So. I know this is gonna sound kinda ridiculous, but nearly 5 years ago, Ram Trucks released a superbowl commercial that, quite frankly, touched my heart and has stuck with me ever since. Continue reading “The Ideal”


Goat Drama: Part I


Like watching a train wreck, time seemed to slow down almost to a standstill as I watched Vin’s sharp back hooves hurtling towards my face.

I saw it coming.

I was anticipating the pain.

But somehow, I managed to dodge it right at the last possible moment. It sure was a close call though, with the wind whipping past my left ear from the force of her kick.

I can’t say I blame her though. Vin should be delivering her first kid (or kids) any day now, and the poor thing just looked miserable, waddling around the pasture — nearly as wide as she was tall. And to top it all off, I’d just discovered that she was fighting a heated battle with mastitisContinue reading “Goat Drama: Part I”



I love springtime.

The sunshine, the rain, the birds, the blossoms…

Everything just seems so full of life and potential. I mean, just take a good close look at the nearest apple tree or lilac bush. Those little green buds are practically bursting at the seams. They just can’t wait to get started!

Step outside for a second and take a good deep breath. I swear that even the air itself is excited. Can’t you feel it? It makes me want to run and jump around like a crazy little bull calf!

But y’know one thing I don’t like about springtime?

WAITING! Continue reading “Waiting”