An Unexpected Phonecall


A few days ago, I was enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home.

Dinner was over, the dishes were done, and I was sprawled out on the living room floor, absent-mindedly playing with our little monkey.

She was having a grand old time “dialing up” various people on her little purple telephone — and then expecting ME to talk to them.

For example, she’d push a few buttons on the phone, raise it up to her ear, say hello, and then run across the room, yelling:


I’d then take the phone and say, “Oh, hello, Grandpa Mike! How are you?”

That was usually about as far as I’d get with the conversation though. Before I could even ask about the weather, that sweet little monkey would swoop in and grab the phone to dial up someone else.

I guess when you’re 2 years old (and bedtime is at 8:30pm), there just isn’t time for idle chit-chat… Too many people to call and not enough time!

Anyway, we went back and forth for quite awhile.

“Oh, hello, Grandma! How are you?”

[Grabs phone and dials another number]

“Oh, hello, Aunt Chinen! How are you?”

[Grabs phone and dials another number]

You get the picture, right?

I talked to both sets of grandparents (multiple times), as well as various aunts, uncles, cousins (and their dogs) — but I certainly wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

She punched in a few numbers, and then, smiling brightly, handed the phone to me and said:



I was so surprised by it all that I just kinda sat there, dumb-founded, staring at that little purple telephone, wondering if I even dared to answer it.

I know it was all just a little make-believe game, but still… Talking on the phone to the Savior of the World?!

What do you say?

Where do you even begin?

Involuntarily, thoughts started racing through my mind about how I should probably stand up or something… I couldn’t talk to JESUS while sprawling lazily on the floor… And why was I wearing those shabby, worn-out jeans? When was the last time I shaved? I wished I looked a bit more presentable…

If truth be told, I also started looking back on my own personal conduct from the past few days, feeling a quick wave of guilt and shame wash over me, for all my un-Christian thoughts and words and deeds…

Sure, it was just a little toy phone, but STILL!

I didn’t have much time to reflect though, because that busy little wild child of mine thrust the phone right into my hand and raised it up to my ear. Then she stood there and looked at me with her little eyebrows raised, like: Come on, Dad. Don’t you WANT to talk to Him?

And y’know what?

I DO want to talk to Him.

What followed was a simple (and short) conversation — but it was one of the most sincere and heartfelt prayers I’ve had in a long time.

It went something like this:

“Hello, Jesus. I love you. Thank you for saving me. Do you want to talk to my little girl?”

I then handed the phone back to her, and she jabbered for a bit, hung up the phone, and went on her merry little way. But once again, I was absolutely floored by a sweet and simple and pure little lesson, taught to me by my sweet and simple and pure little daughter.

I’m not gonna stand on a soapbox and preach to you (‘cuz Heaven knows I’M the one in need of preaching), but you ought to ask yourself:

What would I say if JESUS called me up right now?

Kind of a sobering question, for sure.

I know one thing for certain though; I absolutely LOVE being a dad!


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