Quiet Winter Evenings






Call me crazy, but I LOVE the slow, methodical scraping of a knifeblade being pushed across a whetstone!

It’s just so droning. So repetitive. So relaxing.

(It’s also when I get my best thinking done). Continue reading “Quiet Winter Evenings”




At first glance, Friday morning seemed completely mundane.

No surprises.

Nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

Like most days, I was awakened by the throaty cock-a-doodle-doo-ing of our rooster, Ricky. A few minutes later, after rolling out of bed and putting on my hat and boots and coat to go outside, everything still seemed to be so familiar.

Just a plain old, run-of-the-mill morning.

As usual, the moment I stepped out the back door with a bucket of cat food, I was completely mobbed by our half-wild farm cats. The cud-chewers were pleased as punch to get their hay and grain. And Ryu took off running like a maniac the minute I opened his kennel door.

Like I said, everything seemed so typical.

It wasn’t until I had meandered on over to the chicken coop to give the old chooks some fresh water, that I noticed something was different… Continue reading “¡Quiquiriquí!”

An Early Thaw

Chore-time has been a bit… ummm… WET, lately.

I’d just finished taking care of the animals on Friday morning — and I was standing in the kitchen, dripping rainwater from my coat and hat, pulling off my muddy boots, when my little monkey toddled up to me and asked:

Dad, go on a ADVENTURE wiff me?”

She was dressed in the cutest little footie pajamas, and she was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, but I could tell from her mischievous little smile that she was ready for action.

“You want me to take you on an Adventure?

PEASE!” she shouted, her face totally lighting up. “PEASE, DAD!” Continue reading “An Early Thaw”