Kill Cones – My Personal Opinion

WARNING! This post contains graphic descriptions of killing/butchering chickens. Reader discretion is advised.

Have you ever heard of a kill cone before?

Sure, it’s kind of a barbaric name, but it really is a very simple contraption. At its most basic level, a kill cone is just a funnel that’s used to hold the chicken steady while you bleed it out.

Kill cones are growing in popularity too. A lot of people swear by ’em (the folks at Grit Magazine, The Elliott Homestead, and even old Joel Salatin, just to name a few), but with all the butchering I’ve done, I’d never actually used a kill cone before; I’d always just used a hatchet — until last Saturday, that is… Continue reading “Kill Cones – My Personal Opinion”


More “Kout,” Peeze!


Well, folks, winter is finally upon us!

We don’t have quite as much snow as I’d like to see this time of year (guess you could say I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas), but the temperatures have been consistently dropping down into the single digits — and if THAT doesn’t mean winter is here, I don’t know what does! Continue reading “More “Kout,” Peeze!”