A Working Schnozz – Gratitude Rant #22


I know it’s kinda weird to be grateful for my nose, but I really am.

Especially when it’s working properly.

Y’see, the whole family has been fighting off a bit of a head-cold for the past couple weeks, and I’d kinda forgotten what a blessing it is, just being able to breathe freely through your nose!

That fact was really brought home to me when I first walked into the house this evening…

The moment I opened the door, I was greeted by two things:

  1. My little monkey squealing, “IT’S DAD!” at the top of her lungs
  2. The smell of fresh-baked bread that Lindsey had just pulled out of the oven


There is absolutely nothing that compares to the smell of steaming hot homemade bread, smothered in butter and honey — and I know I’m probably a little biased, but in my opinion, Lindsey makes the very best bread in the whole wide world.

Such a treat!

Fast-forward about an hour or so, however, and I found myself outside again, tromping around in the mud (in my well-worn steel toe boots) with a handful of friends and neighbors, cutting and splitting big old pine logs — as kind of a fun community-effort to make sure everyone has enough firewood for the coming winter.

And once again, my nose was filled with another intoxicating aroma — but this time, it was the manly smell of two-stroke oil and sawdust. (Seriously, it’ll put hair on your chest!)

We were all hustling and bustling in and out of the darkness (our work partially lit by the headlights of an old John Deere tractor) — trying to get the job done quickly, so we could get the wood delivered to the various houses before it got too late.

Like I’ve said before, I love working with the neighbors!

But I tell ya, tonight I’m just really grateful for all those little everyday smells that I usually just take for granted — like the smell of fresh laundry, a good bale of hay, a crisp autumn apple…

Yep. Life is good, especially when you can breathe through your nose!


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