Nighttime Walks With Ryu – Gratitude Rant #21


I just got back from taking Ryu for a little midnight walk, and all I can say is DANG!

Life is good!

We’ve had a cold and gentle rain (borderline sleet) drizzling almost all day long — and now that night has fallen, everything is clean and wet and quiet.

All the world is peaceful and dark.

As I meandered down the muddy path to Ryu’s kennel, I found myself gazing across the valley at the soft glow of the city lights, 30 miles away, reflected on the low-hanging clouds. It was absolutely beautiful.

I get the impression that poor Ryu has been feeling kinda cooped though, because the instant I opened the door to his kennel, he took off like a bullet, kicking up huge clumps of turf and mud with every stride.

He ran to the neighbors’ house. He ran through the hay field. He ran to the irrigation pond and back (multiple times). He ran to the top of the hill — all before I even made it past the driveway! 😉

We were out walking for a total of about 25 or 30 minutes, but I really only saw Ryu a handful of times because he was so excited to be out running.

(And even when I did see him, he was little more than a panting, shadowy blur racing past me in the darkness.)

That crazy mutt LOVES to run!

It makes him so happy, you can’t help but smile yourself.

The remainder of our walk was pretty uneventful though; just me with my hands jammed in my pockets, my collar turned against the wind, plodding quietly down the muddy gravel road; every once in awhile catching a glimpse of Ryu as he blazed past me at top speed.

On my way back home, however, I was accompanied by “Little Miss T” — one of our friendlier farm cats — who had been out hunting mice in the hay field. It was kinda nice having her trotting alongside me for the last quarter mile of our walk.

I will admit though, she did kinda startle me when she first popped out of the undergrowth like a little white ghost…

When I eventually got home, I was greeted by the frantic bleating of “Noose” (our new goat), informing the entire world that he’d gotten his horns stuck in the fence. Again. For what seems like the four-hundred-and-sixty-seventh time!

His girly-friends, Vin and Syl, were standing nearby giving him all the sympathy and attention that a fallen warrior like him deserves.

Rump, however, was standing silently, a short distance away — like a shadowy black-and-white sentinel in the pasture, watching the whole circus with an air of indifference.

(All he really cared about was me pitching a little more hay into the feeder…)

After grinning and shaking my head a bit, I meandered on over and rescued our silly Saanen, then told all the critters “goodnight,” put Ryu back in his kennel — and now here I am (trying to warm up my cold fingers enough to type out a gratitude rant).

Every day brings new adventures, and I sure am grateful for nighttime walks with Ryu!


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