A Bounteous Harvest – Gratitude Rant #20

Slow roasted pheasant, with a crisp honey glaze…

Y’know the feeling when a meal is starting to wind down, and you’re feeling comfortably full — but the food is good, the company is good, and you just want to stretch it out as long as you can?

Well, I was at that stage this afternoon…

It was just me and Lindsey sitting at our hand-me-down kitchen table (our little monkey had started nodding off in her highchair a few minutes earlier, so we moved her into the bedroom so she could nap more comfortably) — and as the two of us sat there, sipping home bottled grape juice out of goblets and finishing off the last bit of “clapshot,” our conversation turned to the fantastic meal we had just demolished.

(We tend to talk about food quite a bit around here.)

As we went over the various menu items, it was kind of fun to think about how much of our meal was produced right here on our One Acre Lott.

The roasted beets, mashed turnips, baked potatoes, and steamed green beans all came out of our garden. The grapes themselves might have been picked from my parents’ vines, but they were juiced and bottled here. Heck, even the wild pheasant was harvested right here, up on the hillside.

We’d eaten a feast that was seriously fit for a king, and (with the exception of a few seasonings) the entire meal was produced right here…

As I finished off my last bite of pheasant, I couldn’t help but think about how blessed we’ve been this year. It truly has been a bounteous harvest.

The garden has been absolutely beautiful this year.
We started harvesting spinach clear back in March…
Although they’ve had their ups and downs, the hens have kept us supplied with plenty of fresh eggs (the spinach and chive blossoms make a nice little garnish, don’t you think?).
Although our tomatoes were kind of late bloomers this year, they sure produced a bumper crop!
Followed shortly by the peppers…
Boy, the garlic really outdid itself this year!
It was about all we could do just to keep up with the summer squash! (The blossoms themselves were pretty tasty too).
The black beans didn’t produce as much as we had hoped, but I’m sure we’ll still get a few pots of chili out of ’em.
There’s nothing quite like a fresh ear of corn — and the garden produced plenty of ’em!
And let’s not forget all those apples!
And then there were all those beautiful apricots from my Grandma’s tree.
…and bushels upon bushels of peaches from my parents.
And who could forget “The Dirty Dozen” roosters we harvested back in September?!
I have a feeling we’ll be eating a lot of squash and pumpkins this winter…
Those spuds are a beautiful sight!
I’m very grateful for a successful pheasant season. They are such beautiful birds — and our freezer is nearly bursting at the seams!

I tell ya, my heart is full (and so is my stomach) because of the bounteous harvest we’ve been blessed with this year.

Very grateful, indeed!


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