Early Weekends – Gratitude Rant #18


This afternoon as I was cleaning up my desk and shutting down my computer at work, I’m pretty sure I looked like a little kid at Christmastime! I was stuffing things into my backpack just as fast as I could — and believe me, I didn’t even give the door a chance to hit me on the way out!

But what was I so excited about?

Pheasant hunting!

My dad had called me about 20 minutes earlier, and things just kinda slid into place for me to take a couple hours off work so the two of us could enjoy a nice little spur-of-the-moment hunt…

Talk about a perfect way to start the weekend!

Everything was absolutely gorgeous — fresh air, clear blue skies, beautiful scenery…

It sure made for some terrific father-son time! (And it also didn’t hurt that we both shot our limit). 😉

I tell ya, it’s times like these that you really cherish.

Very grateful for early weekends!


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