Poop – Gratitude Rant #15


Yep, you heard me right. Today I’m grateful for poop!

And not just any poop — I’m grateful for the rich, fragrant, fertilizing poop from our good old Holstein steer (a.k.a. “Rump”).

In years past, I’ve had a friend of mine bring in truckloads of composted manure from his farm to fertilize our garden — but this year (after hours and hours of scooping, shoveling, and raking), we were able to scrounge up enough poo to take care of the whole garden by ourselves.

All 6,000+ square feet of it…

I made a lot of trips back-and-forth with the wheelbarrow…

I don’t know why, but it seems like kind of a major milestone, being able to fertilize the whole garden with poo produced entirely on our little One Acre Lott.

Call me crazy, but all those mounds of poop (and spoiled hay) are a beautiful sight!

It actually took two full days (sun-up to sun-down) to get everything scooped, spread, and finally tilled, but the end product is totally worth it!


It’s such a nice feeling — knowing that the harvest is finally all gathered in, and the soil has been fed and cared for and tucked in for a long winter’s nap.

I tell ya, I sure do love “peace and quiet and good, tilled earth!”


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