Dreams – Gratitude Rant #10


So… I almost feel ashamed telling you this, but we just welcomed another goat to the old “Lott Menagerie” today.

You heard me, another critter!

What can I say? I’m a dreamer.

Imagine leading a spunky little dairy goat through the snow on a cold, dark winter morning. Your footsteps crunch and your breath rises up as a foggy cloud into the starry sky.

As you walk towards the old wooden barn, you notice there’s frost on the door handle. The cold doesn’t bother the goat though. She knows the routine, and as soon as you swing open the door, she prances forward and hops up onto her milkstand. Without even a moment’s hesitation, she starts bleating (loudly) for her breakfast — almost like she’s been waiting on you for hours!

You open the grain bin. The smell of sweet feed fills the air, and you pour a scoop of it in her little trough (which quickly silences her complaints), and then you start with the milking…

Yup, that’s my dream!

One of them, anyway…

Which brings me to our newest addition:

Meet our new 7-month-old Saanen buckling (who, at the moment, remains nameless).

Sure, it’s another animal we need to care for and feed and water and worry about.

Sure, it adds another handful of items to an already long to-do list, but if we want our girls to start producing milk — if we want to turn that dream into a reality — they need to get bred (and hopefully this little guy will be the one to do it!)

I guess that’s the cost of dreaming, right?

But I have to tell ya, I am so GRATEFUL for dreams!

Dreams stir me to action. Dreams motivate me to keep going, even when I’m exhausted. Dreams cause me to dig deep, even when the going gets tough. Dreams give me hope, even when all seems dark.

Dreams brighten my day (even if they keep me up at night), and dreams help mold me into a better, stronger person.

Like I said, I’m a dreamer — and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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