A Christmas Story


A couple evenings ago, our little family of three was all gathered together under a tiny makeshift blanket-tent, totally jam-packed in a dark corner of our living room.

Lindsey and I were cramped and contorted into positions you usually only see in an intense game of “Twister,” while the little munchkin was sprawled out luxuriously on top of us — she even had enough room to whack us periodically with her little walking stick!

(I definitely should’ve chosen a better spot to pitch the “tent”…) Continue reading “A Christmas Story”


A Working Schnozz – Gratitude Rant #22


I know it’s kinda weird to be grateful for my nose, but I really am.

Especially when it’s working properly.

Y’see, the whole family has been fighting off a bit of a head-cold for the past couple weeks, and I’d kinda forgotten what a blessing it is, just being able to breathe freely through your nose!

That fact was really brought home to me when I first walked into the house this evening… Continue reading “A Working Schnozz – Gratitude Rant #22”

Little Reminders – Gratitude Rant #19

A painting of Jesus that hangs on our living room wall.

So, I was sitting on the couch with my little monkey on my lap. I had my shoes kicked off, my feet propped up, and the two of us were both wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket, reading a few little storybooks before bedtime (just part of the nightly routine).

After about 10 or 15 minutes, however, the little munchkin started getting the wiggles — kind of a last ditch effort to fight off her sleepiness (which is also part of the nightly routine).

As her little eyelids were beginning to droop, she started pointing out different things in the living room. She’d shout their name, and then expect me to “translate.” Continue reading “Little Reminders – Gratitude Rant #19”