Late Nights


Y’know that slurping sound that comes when you’re drinking from a straw, and you get down to the bottom of your cup?

When no matter how hard you suck — no matter which way you tip the cup, you just can’t quite squeeze any more out of it?

Do you know the sound I’m talking about?

Yup, that’s kinda how I’ve been feeling at the end of every day lately…

It doesn’t matter how early you get up (or how late you stay up), there just isn’t enough time!

One thing is certain though, this is definitely the busy time of year.

It seems like everything suddenly gets ripe all at once, and if you don’t take care of it right now, you’re just gonna miss out.

And let’s be honest, it’d break my heart to miss out on all those homegrown, sun-ripened tomatoes.

And the fresh Brigham City peaches.

And the big ol’ ears of sweet corn.

And the crisp cucumbers right off the vine.

And the early green grapes.

And the buckets-upon-buckets full of green beans.

And the list goes on and on!

Like I said, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of it all — hence the slurping… 😉

I do apologize for not keeping up with the blog, but believe me, we’ve been utilizing every single spare moment just to try and keep up with things!

It’s been a little more than three weeks since my last blog post, and in that time we’ve:

  • picked, snapped, blanched, and frozen three separate pickings of green beans
  • harvested, husked, blanched, and frozen more than 12 dozen ears of sweet corn
  • picked, roasted, bagged, and frozen two gallons of cherry tomatoes
  • picked, peeled, cut, and bottled 28 quarts of peaches from my parents’ tree
  • rendered what will (hopefully) be a year’s supply of beef tallow using more than 20 pounds of suet
  • picked, bagged, and frozen more bell peppers than I can even keep track of (we also dehydrated some of ’em)
  • picked, chopped, simmered, and bottled 8 beautiful pints of homemade salsa
  • picked and dried a big old jar of raisins
  • picked, washed, and bottled 18 quarts of green grape juice (the concords will be coming on shortly)
  • dispatched, plucked, cut up, and frozen a dozen rowdy roosters (and we’re currently bottling 18 pints of golden chicken broth to go with it!)

And can I just say that during this whole process, we’ve washed a bloody ton of dishes?!

I’m pretty sure my hands have been pruny for at least two weeks straight!

There have been county fairs and rodeos, a couple family reunions, a quick overnight camping trip, and the first day of grouse hunting on top of it all.

In fact, at this very moment, it’s 11:47pm. Tonight’s dishes are finally done. The little monkey has been asleep for a few hours. Most of the lights are turned off. And here we are, just me and Lindsey, sitting at our hand-me-down kitchen table, listening to the friendly old hissing of our pressure canner as it works its magic on the aforementioned chicken broth.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any words of wisdom for you — and I’m too dang tired to tell you about any of the funny stories that have been happening.

I just thought I’d check in and let y’all know we’re still alive and kickin’!

Still living the dream!


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