Summer Sunsets

Ya gotta love those summer sunsets!

Ahh, summertime…

It’s in full swing around here — and you know what that means: Life gets so busy there isn’t even time to blow your nose!

(Hence the dry spell on the blog).

Let me tell ya though, this summer has been such a dream so far!

The hot, sunny days and cool, clear nights have been really good for the old garden. Our peas especially were “comin’ on like gangbusters” a couple weeks ago, which made for some pretty late nights after work.

I can’t remember how many beautiful summer evenings Lindsey and I spent out there on our hands and knees, picking peas until it got too dark to see — but I know there were at least three nights that we stayed up till midnight or so, shelling and blanching and freezing them.

Sure, it’s a bit stressful trying to get all those peas “put up” before they go bad, but have you ever tried re-heated homegrown peas in December?

It’s totally worth all the work!

Way better than the frozen peas you’ll get from the store!

Plus, you get to eat handfuls of ’em fresh, the whole time you’re working. 😉

The peas have slowed up a bit right now, but I’ve really been pouring the water on them — and it looks like they’re blossoming out again. Hopefully we’ll have another decent picking in a couple weeks…

Because, y’know, we like to stay busy. 😉

And speaking of late nights processing food, you’ll never guess what I was doing on Wednesday night, around 11:30pm.

I was making a huge mess in the kitchen, putting together my first ever batch of homemade sauerkraut!

And you’ll probably be impressed to know that when I typed that last sentence, I actually spelled “sauerkraut” correctly.

Didn’t look it up or anything.

Just guessed.

Skills, man.


I do love me some fermented cabbage though. I can’t wait to try it out!

In addition to the garden (and all the time and effort that goes into keeping one), we’ve also had some really great family time as well.

Like yesterday, when Lindsey and I gave our little monkey her first taste of wading in icy mountain streams…

I was afraid it’d be too cold for her (her chubby little feet were turning bright red in the water), but she absolutely loved it! She was laughing and splashing up a storm!

With the peaceful sound of trickling water and the afternoon sun shimmering off her curly brown hair, it was just one of those perfect moments. One of those memories you hold onto in your heart — and take out to examine every once in awhile, when you need a “pick me up.”

Kinda like Friday night, when they put on that big firework show at the football stadium 25 miles away.

We had put our little monkey to sleep a couple hours earlier, and we were just getting ready to go to bed ourselves when we noticed the colorful flashes clear across the valley.

I have to admit, it wasn’t exactly what I’d call “spectacular,” watching the fireworks from that far away — but it was still a really fun experience, just the two of us kneeling quietly by the open bedroom window with all the lights off, watching the different flashes of light on the horizon.

We could even hear the faintest bit of a rumble when they put on the grand finale.

I tell ya, it’s been a pretty magical summer thus far. We’ve had a couple campfires and cookouts, some hail storms and failed crops (mostly just the watermelons and honeydews) — heck, we’ve even had one of our goats come down with pinkeye!

But in the middle of all the craziness (and sweatiness), we’ve still found time to stop and enjoy a sunset or two.

Yup, life is pretty darn good here at the One Acre Lott.

Hope it’s the same for you!


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