Meet the newest additions, “Vin” and her younger half-sister, “Sylphrena.”

Well, I’ve really gone and done it now!

Despite my better judgement, The One Acre Lott is now home to a couple of cute little Nubian doelings. 😉

Y’know, it’s kinda funny how life plays out sometimes.

For years now (long before Lindsey and I finally found our “little piece of the Shire”), I had dreamed of maybe someday raising dairy goats. Sure, it’s kinda crazy. I mean, who’d actually want to keep a bunch of ornery old goats anyway?!

(Me, that’s who!)

Even when we were living in a tiny 370 square foot basement apartment right across the street from the Utah State University campus, I yearned for “peace and quiet and good tilled earth” — and hopefully a little bit of livestock to go along with it!

Now, I don’t want you to think that we were unhappy where we were.

Far from it!

Lindsey and I were your typical starving college students. Living on love — and loving every minute of it!

We did what we could with the space we had, planting a few vegetables in 8″ pots on the windowsill. I even planted our own little peach tree using a seed from one of my parents’ peaches.

Heck, there was one year that I even planted some tomatoes in the commercial flowerbed outside of the call center where I worked! (I still get a chuckle out of that!) 😉

Sadly, some jerk ripped them all out of the ground before we got to enjoy any of the harvest…

But still, we hoped and prayed that someday we’d find a place of our own — hopefully with a bit more elbow room!

At the time, however, we didn’t know if our little dream would ever actually come to fruition. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

Those were fun times, bein’ all footloose and fancy free…

Eventually, we both graduated from college, and after a few years of moving from city to city (and gaining a few bumps and bruises along the way), I finally ended up landing one of those long-sought-after “big boy” jobs — and it wasn’t long before we started looking for houses.

I’ll never forget the first time we saw our home.

Our realtor was running a little late that evening, so Lindsey and I got out of the car and just started wandering around the property. At that moment, it really wasn’t much to look at; it had been a long, hot, dry summer — and so the entire lawn was dead and brown.

There was only one sad little tree on the whole lot (unless you count the two spindly old sapling carcasses that had been killed by deer a few years earlier).

The garden plot was a massive tangle of weeds and brambles.

And then there was the living room with its black walls…

Seriously, who paints their living room black!?

But notwithstanding a few “quirks,” Lindsey and I both fell in love with the place. The location was an absolute dream — a one acre lot (1.17 acres, to be precise) nestled at the foot of “Big Hill,” with only two neighboring houses nearby.

It may not have been perfect, but it had so much potential! (Famous last words, right?)

Actually, it hasn’t been bad at all. In fact, living here has been fantastic!

Slowly but surely, we’re turning it into the little piece of paradise we’ve always dreamed of.

The first order of business was to paint over those hideous black walls, followed shortly by a major overhaul of our water system (private wells are so much fun!</sarcasm>).

In the 2-1/2 years we’ve lived here, we’ve planted an orchard (if you can really call 3 apple trees, a plum tree, an apricot tree, and our little homegrown peach tree an “orchard”), partially resurrected the front lawn, tripled the size of the vegetable garden, built two chicken coops and a calf shed — and most recently, we’ve fenced in two separate 1/4 acre “pastures.”

Although, to tell you the truth, those pastures probably wouldn’t have been finished as soon if it hadn’t been for this year’s church fundraiser auction… 😉

It’s kinda funny how one thing leads to another!

Just last week, I was writing about this crazy “Old McDonald” dream of mine — about how I’ve always wanted goats — and now here I am, sitting with Lindsey on the back porch, enjoying a gentle summer breeze, watching our very own goats as they poke their goofy little faces through the pasture fence.

I have no idea where life will end up taking us, but as long as I’ve got my family by my side, I’m excited to find out!


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