Keeping Chickens

A picture of our coop during the construction phase — July 2015

Have you ever stepped in chicken poo?

Have you ever had to go outside and break the ice off of a water bucket when the temperatures are roughly 15 degrees below zero?

Have you ever shoveled out a chicken coop on a sweltering August afternoon — when the dust (i.e. dried and pulverized chicken excrement) rises up in clouds and mixes with your sweat to form a lovely brown film all over your skin???

Let me tell ya, raising chickens is delightful. 😉

In all seriousness though, I really do love it! I love their funny antics, I genuinely enjoy the chores, and there’s nothing like reaching into a nest box and pulling out a warm egg on a crisp, cold winter morning — nothing like it in the world!

And the eggs themselves… Well, let’s just say they’re totally worth all the work! The yokes are (during certain times of the year) such a beautiful deep orange, with a much richer flavor than the ones you’ll get from the store.

Yep, chickens are pretty great!

But we haven’t always kept chickens. In fact, we’ve only had them for about a year now.

True, Lindsey’s parents have had chickens (off and on) for decades, but my family never raised them. I was always told that they were noisy and smelly (which is true enough), and that the cost of feed didn’t really make it profitable to raise them for eggs…

Now that we’ve had them for awhile, however, I think I’ve learned a thing or two.

You may or may not care much about chickens, but over the next few days (or weeks), I’m gonna try and write down some of the more important lessons I’ve learned from our first year of raising ’em.

It’ll be sort of a Chickens 101 — or something like that.

Now, I realize that one year of experience definitely doesn’t make me an expert.  I’ve made a ton of mistakes and there’s still a lot to learn, but here’s a list of topics I think I’d like to cover:

You can follow along if you’d like — or you can ignore all of this chicken nonsense that I’ll be spouting out over the next couple weeks, and join back in when I get back to recording our everyday adventures…

At any rate, thanks for reading! 😉


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