What Can I Feed My Chickens?

Red sweet corn, drying on the porch.

Story Time!

A few years ago, back when Lindsey and I were still going to college, we decided to pack up for a quick weekend trip to see her parents — y’know, just a nice relaxing visit, right?

Well, somehow during our visit, I found myself armed with a dust mask, a shovel, and a broom, mucking out their chicken coop… Continue reading “What Can I Feed My Chickens?”


Keeping Chickens

A picture of our coop during the construction phase — July 2015

Have you ever stepped in chicken poo?

Have you ever had to go outside and break the ice off of a water bucket when the temperatures are roughly 15 degrees below zero?

Have you ever shoveled out a chicken coop on a sweltering August afternoon — when the dust (i.e. dried and pulverized chicken excrement) rises up in clouds and mixes with your sweat to form a lovely brown film all over your skin???

Let me tell ya, raising chickens is delightful. 😉 Continue reading “Keeping Chickens”