Feeling Full

Y’know that feeling you get when you’ve eaten WAY too much?

When you’re so full that it actually hurts just to sit up straight… and the only thing that seems to help is to just lay down, flat on your back, and moan?

We actually have a term for that in my family:

We refer to it lovingly as “fat-dogging” — because seeing someone sprawled on the floor, moaning after a big meal just sorta reminds me of a fat dog taking a nap on the lawn on a lazy summer day.

On any given holiday, it wouldn’t be at all uncommon to hear someone in my family exclaim, “Ugh, I’m so full!  I need to go fat-dog it for awhile…”

It’s just such a descriptive phrase, wouldn’t you agree?

Feel free to start using it yourself, if you want to. 😉

The reason I bring it up, is because I’m feeling extremely full right now — but for different reasons.  Sure, I did kinda overdo it with the ham and broccoli and “funeral potatoes” we had for lunch today, but that’s only part of it.

First of all, it seems like all my hours are full.

There’s a song from the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that seems to describe it perfectly:

Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy,
And the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, SPRING!

The days are full.  The weeks are full.  All our window sills are full.


And the borrowed incubator in our bathroom is full…


Spring, Spring, SPRING!

And with spring, comes the wonderful spiritual feast known as the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…

We don’t have TV at our place, and our internet connection is extremely slow — so Lindsey and I loaded up our dog and our little monkey (and all the necessary provisions) and spent the weekend down at my parents’ house, watching conference with them.

It was such a treat!

If you’ve never experienced General Conference before, you really ought to check it out, even if you aren’t Mormon.  There are 5 sessions, spread over a Saturday and Sunday (usually the first weekend in April), and it’s a fantastic opportunity to hear uplifting sermons delivered by inspired men and women from all over the globe.

I know it might sound a little strange, but 10 hours of “feasting on the words of Christ” is just what my soul needed!  You can’t help but want to be a better person after something like that!

And of course, my family had a lot of good food to go along with it. 😉

We also had a grand time playing games and chatting in-between sessions.

I won’t go into too many details about what was said throughout the conference, but I will encourage you one more time to check it out for yourself.

As for me, I’m feeling full to the brim!

I think I need to go fat-dog it…


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