Proud Papa Moments


I’m a nerd. Plain and simple.
I spend 8 hours a day writing computer code in a dozen different languages; JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML, XML, XPATH, XSLT, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, PowerShell — they’re all fair game.

And if that isn’t enough, there’s the fact that I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

Totally nerdy, right?

Well, it gets even worse…

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m very much into gardening, pioneer skills, wilderness survival, and overall self-sufficiency; I sometimes even dig out my flint, steel, and tinder box — just to start up our little propane grill.

Heaven help my poor wife! 😉

Fortunately, I understand that I’m weird. I realize that my hobbies and interests are a bit … ummm … eccentric? And although I do my best to “hide” my eccentricities from the general public, let me tell ya, there is nothing that makes me prouder as a papa than to see my little monkey pick up on my little oddities!

Case in point:
We were over to my parents’ house the other day, when my youngest sister decided to watch “Empire Strikes Back” with my nephews (trying to keep them entertained).

Of course, as soon as I heard the opening credits start, my ears perked up and I was sitting on the couch watching it with them (I also happened to be holding our little monkey at the time).

Now, you should probably understand that I’ve got a very “one-track” mind — and when I watch a movie, I get pretty engrossed in it.

Everything around me just sorta takes a back seat until the movie is over.

Again, heaven help my poor wife!

Anyway, I was totally wrapped up in the battle for Hoth, with its ion cannons, snowspeeders, AT-ATs, and stormtroopers — BUT I was suddenly pulled back into the real world when the little monkey on my lap started bouncing up and down (with all the enthusiasm a 1 year old can muster). She was grinning from ear to ear, hands waving, body swaying… Seriously, she was really rocking out!

That’s when I realized, she was dancing to “The Imperial March.”

What can I say? The girl has good taste in music!

I was one proud papa!

A few days later, we had just finished eating dinner, and we were having a hard time washing the little monkey’s face off (the girl HATES getting her face wiped).

In an effort to distract her, I pulled out my phone and started playing “The Imperial March” (a.k.a — her new favorite song) on youtube. As expected, she stopped her screeching immediately.

Her hands both shot up in the air, and she started totally rocking out again!

Unfortunately, she was dancing so energetically that we STILL couldn’t get her face wiped off! So I made the mistake of pausing the music…

Bad idea!

She shot me the dirtiest little glare — and then proceeded to sign “MORE” with those pudgy little hands of hers, over and over and over again!

We’ve been trying to teach her a little bit of baby sign language here and there, but “MORE” is the only word she’s really latched on to.

Anyway, we finally got her face wiped off (she was frantically signing “MORE” the entire time), and I started the music back up.  Then all was right with the world again.

I don’t know why, but it just makes me proud as punch to see that my little girl likes the same things I like…

I had another one of those proud papa moments just yesterday.

Lindsey and I were sitting down at the table, eating our Sunday dinner, with the little monkey strapped into her highchair — and, as usual, we were picking bits of food off of our plates and giving it to the little monkey.

Any guesses on what her favorite food was?


She was going to town on the cooked onions that we’d thrown in with the chicken! Now that’s my girl!

I just can’t get enough of her pretty blue eyes, chubby cheeks, cute little button nose, and crazy hair. It seems like every day that precious little monkey is learning a new trick or a new song or a new word — and she’s so close to walking too!

It really makes my heart swell. I’m so grateful to be her papa.

And y’know, it kinda makes me wonder if our Heavenly Father feels the same way when he sees us learn a new skill or develop a new talent… I sure hope so.


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