Sunday Nights


I love Sunday nights!

To me, Sunday nights are all about quiet, relaxing family time.

It’s a time for laughing around the table with a bowl of popcorn or a carton of ice cream; it’s a time for “reading” picture books with my little monkey; and it’s a time for phone calls from my mom…

I’m not really sure when the tradition started, but every week (on Sunday night) I can expect a phone call from my mom.

There isn’t really a set time for the phone call, so sometimes we have to play “phone tag” — calling each other back and forth, leaving voicemails two or three times before we’re finally able to connect.  And sometimes (most times), the call will drop once or twice due to the terrible cell reception we have out here.

But in spite of all that, I always look forward to Sunday night phone calls with my mama!

They usually don’t last too long — maybe 20 or 30 minutes.  We really don’t talk about anything earth-shattering.  We just chit-chat.  I’ll tell her about our latest adventures and she’ll tell me about hers.  Sometimes we’ll talk about the weather.

But inevitably, we always come back to one familiar topic:


My family loves food.

We love to cook it, we love to eat it, we love to share it, and we love to talk about it.

During tonight’s phone call, for instance, I had to tell my mom all about how we stuffed, slow-roasted, and quick-seared one of our roosters for our Sunday dinner — and she, in turn, told me about how they marinated, breaded, and fried the chicken for their Sunday dinner.  Later on, we even spent a few minutes discussing recipes for homemade Lo Mein.

Just a typical conversation in the Lott household…  Everything seems to come back to food. 😉

Now don’t get me wrong; we’re not obsessed with food.  We’re not a bunch of crazy gourmet foodies — and eating certainly isn’t our main focus in life.  Food just seems to have a way of bringing us together.

Cooking a giant pot of gumbo?  We’d better call Lindsey’s parents over to help us eat it.

My dad is smoking a brisket?  You can bet we’ll be there!

Another successful pheasant hunt is coming to a close?  Gather the whole family, ‘cuz we’re gonna have a feast!

In fact, one of my favorite Christmastime traditions revolves around food.  We call it “Crabfest” — and, as you might have guessed, we pretty much just gather together and gorge ourselves on crab (we’re big fans of seafood around here).

But like I said, it really isn’t about eating.

It’s about spending time as a family.

The food is delicious, but it’s just an excuse for us to get together.  It’s really the conversations, the laughs, the games, and the smiles that matter.

That being said, if this blog seems to focus too much on food, please bear with me — it’s just my way of connecting with family.  And family is everything to me!


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