The Night After Christmas


Well, Christmas day has come and gone. The gifts have all been unwrapped. The fridge is full of leftovers. And to everyone suffering from the Post-Holiday Blues:

‘Twas the night AFTER Christmas, and there on the couch,
I sat with a blanket, in a comfortable slouch.

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Photo Repositories – Gratitude Rant #19


So there I was once again, staring at my computer at the end of the day (with the clock ticking closer and closer to midnight), trying to decide what I wanted to write about. Trying to decide what I’m most grateful for today.

Like I’ve said before, my writer’s block isn’t due to a lack of blessings. It’s more just a lack of focus on my part.

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Sunsets – Gratitude Rant #17


So there I was, driving home at the end of a long, yet frantic day of work. In spite of my best efforts, the software I’d been working on seemed determined to fail. My phone had been going crazy all day long with various texts, phonecalls, and emails. And although I was no longer in the office, I still had a few more meetings to look forward to later on in the evening…

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