Playing In The Dirt


Man! I just love playing in the dirt!

I love picking up a handful of hard, dry, compacted clay from our garden — and slowly crumbling it between my fingers. I love the coarse texture. I love the dusty, earthy smell.

It’s definitely not the best soil in the world (it’s still a work in progress), but y’know what?

It’s mine — and that makes all the difference.

And for better or for worse, I think my little girl is following in my footsteps. Continue reading “Playing In The Dirt”


Happiness Within


The footing was a bit precarious, to say the least, as I fought to keep my balance atop our little 6-foot-high haystack on Saturday afternoon.

Howling gusts of wind threatened to knock me right off, and the ragged old tarp, which Lindsey and I were trying desperately to tie down, was causing quite the ruckus with its wild flapping. Heck, the whipping and snapping of frayed plastic was so loud, it even drowned out the goats — and believe you me, they were bleating up a storm all by themselves! Continue reading “Happiness Within”

Are You A Skier?


It was a cold, quiet winter morning.

The streets were dark, and a few frosty stars still glittered in the sky as I crunched through the snow on my way to the bus stop. I glanced up from my walking and noticed another fellow bus-patron waiting just outside the booth, checking his watch and shivering. The bus was late.

The two of us just kinda stood there together, breathing out whispy clouds of smoke and listening to the early-morning silence, when my amiable new companion piped up:

“D’you think summer will ever come?!”

Now, I realize the guy was just trying to commiserate with someone about the cold weather, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But y’all already know how I feel about wintertime

“I dunno,” I answered. “Personally, I’m still really enjoying winter.” Continue reading “Are You A Skier?”